A. MORIKAMI MEDIATIONS - Solutions and Support for Small Business
"Peace of Mind for the Small Business Owner"
-  Are you experiencing stress from trying to do it all?
-  Do you have an issue with your business that isn't getting any better?
-  Would you like to experience greater peace of mind in running your business?
How I Can Help You:
If you answered "Yes," to any of the above, I can be of help to you.  As a trained attorney mediator I offer private mediation services and individual conflict coaching targeted to the small business owner who often feels they have to "do it all themselves."  By working with clients individually, or with others they are having conflict with, I am able to support and facilitate resolution to your toughest conflicts or relationships. If these are things you'd like help with, I am here to provide you that support.
If you are interested in working out a conflict with another party present and interested in the mediation process, please see below:  "How Mediation Works."
If you are interested in working out a conflict on a one-on-one basis, please see the section below on "How I Work With You One-on-One."
How Mediation Works:
Mediation is a voluntary process and is an affordable way of resolving disputes without the need of having to hire an attorney.  It is an extremely practical option for the small business owner who often does not have the resources to spend on getting their own attorney to represent them. 
Mediation allows you and the party you are in  conflict with to openly discuss your issues and work out a resolution that you both are in control of and can agree to.  You and the other party have the right to enter into a resolution without the need of getting an attorney and going to court.  It is a CONFIDENTIAL process, so anything discussed in the mediation is by law generally protected from disclosure to anyone outside of the mediation process.
Mediation can help resolve the following issues:
-  Customer complaints;
-  Contract or business related disputes;
-  Collection of debts; and
-  Relationship conflicts between business partners.
I offer mediation services on an hourly basis or in multi-hour increments as needed.  Oftentimes I can meet you at your place of business so you do not need to make special arrangements to meet at a distant location and take precious time away from your business.  Please see details on my fees listed on the "About Us" page.
How I Work With You One-on-One:
I also provide individual conflict advisory and coaching services which is aimed to protect your business from unnecessary disruption or complaints.  I've created a 3-step approach that provides the small business owner a comprehensive "check up" of their business' vulnerability to unnecessary disruption by complaints, disputes, and lawsuits.  The 3 steps consist of:
1.  Conflict Risk Assessment ;
2.  Business document review; and 
3.  Customized conflict resolution services.
Your personalized risk assessment will help you identify areas of conflict risk in your business and will provide you with practical and proactive ways to address these risks to protect your business.  My services are customized to meet your needs.  If you feel only certain services are necessary, or wish to just resolve a particular issue, I am willing to tailor my services to fit your unique situation.  I offer individual conflict advisory and coaching services on an hourly basis or in multi-hour increments.  Please see details on my fees listed on the "About Us" page.
You can contact me by sending me an email on our "Contact Us" page today if you have any questions or need additional information about my services.  I offer complimentary 30 minute phone consultations as well. 
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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